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Gun Controlling The Situation, Part 3

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I was working at a burger place around 1984 in the drive-thru. The weather was dry and not too cold. It was after 10:00 pm, so the dining room was closed. A bus arrived.

Normally, a bus coming is good news. It keeps us busy for a while, making the time pass quicker. In this case, with the closed dining room, it was different. The manager was troubled, but she couldn’t reopen the dining room. The bus wouldn’t fit in our drive-thru, so the people got out, lined up, and walked through. The manager helped them with their orders, and I did my normal thing of collecting payment and handing out food.

Then, the guy with the gun came. He wasn’t going to wait for forty or so people to get through the line, so he drove in past them. While his food was being made and I did my thing, none of us being paid enough to deal with the gun, the manager called the state police, who had a barracks across the street.

They nailed him as he left. Turned out it was a BB gun, but still.

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Gun Controlling The Situation

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