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Gun Controlling The Situation, Part 2

, , , , , | Right | April 25, 2022

I’m behind the counter at the gun store with another coworker and a customer comes in. We are both female.

Me: “Welcome! How can we help you today?”

Customer: “I need to talk to a man about a gun.”

Me: “Well, the manager is out to lunch right now. Is there something I could help with? May I at least get you started with something?”

The customer scoffs and looks around for a while. He grudgingly has me show him some different firearms. Then, he asks to purchase a particular firearm.

Me: “Absolutely! Let’s get you started on the required federal paperwork, and then we can start on the state paperwork. The background check can take up to ten business days, which can equate to about two weeks of wait time.”

Customer: “What?! Bulls***! This is what I get having a woman try to serve me at a gun counter. You don’t know anything! I don’t f****** care if I have to wait another hour! I want a f****** man to talk to. You don’t know s***! I want the manager to sell me this gun!”

Me: “Well, you just lucked out! The manager is coming through the door now!”

I call my store manager over and go into the back room to listen.

Manager: “How can I help?”

Customer: “That stupid girl doesn’t know how to run a f****** background check and is saying it’s going to take two weeks to get my gun!”

Manager: “Well, yes. The state laws changed recently and the background check for handguns needs to go to the state. They can take up to ten business days. That does not include weekends or holidays, so it can take two weeks.”

The customer loses his mind and starts screaming about how we are stifling his rights, he’s gonna sue us, he’s gonna sue the manager, etc.

Customer: “I want to talk to the owner! The guy in charge! The head honcho! I bet they know the law! You’re an idiot!”

My store manager gets him to calm down a bit.

Manager: “You’d like to speak to the owner? Absolutely. They are in charge and hold the federal firearms license and so are very intimately acquainted with the laws pertaining to firearms sales. Hey, boss? Could you come out and explain the new law to this gentleman?”

Me: “Sure! As I stated before—”

The customer got really red and stomped out. No gun for you, Mr. Entitled! Maybe it’s a good thing, too! Yeesh!

Gun Controlling The Situation

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