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Group Fail

| Learning | October 8, 2014

(This happens when I end up in the rather loud annoying group of girls for a group assignment. Note: These girls are notorious for not doing any work in group assignments, and this is on Monday.)

Girl #1: “So, [My Name], what are we going to do for this project?”

Me: “I’m not sure.”

Girl #2: “Well, you should! You’re going to be doing most of the work anyway. I KNOW! We’ll do the speech!”

Me: *still quiet* “I’d prefer not—”

GIrl #3: “Geez, [My Name]! We’re doing a speech, and you’re going to need to speak louder than THAT if you want the class to hear you!”

Me: “I’ll write the speech, we’ll all do research, and send what you find to me.”

Girls #1 #2 & #3: “Okay!”

Me: “I’ll need the research papers by the end of the week, and then I’ll have another week to write the speech.”

(Fast forward to Thursday afternoon:)

Girl #1: “[My Name], have you finished the speech yet?”

Me: “No, you still haven’t sent me the research papers. I’ve written mine, and I still need yours, [Girl #2]’s, and [Girl #3]’s.”

Girl #1: “Oh, well send me yours so that the three of us can see what sort of things we’re looking for.”

(The day before and I still haven’t gotten them, so I email them asking for it. Girl #1 sends me my research sheet, with a few sentences changed to the point of not making sense. Girl #2 sends me a Wikipedia page with links still in it, and Girl #3 sends me nothing, I manage to make a speech using what I have. I then send it to Girl #3 saying that because she didn’t really do anything she can read it out. The next day this happens.)

Teacher: “[My Name], I need you to stay at the end of class. I want to speak to you.”

(After class ends:)

Me: “You wanted to speak to me?”

Teacher: “Yes, your group said that for the assignment you did no work, and that they were forced to do everything.”

Me: “…”

Teacher: “And because you didn’t do anything, I’m going to have to fail you.”

Me: “I have proof I did work.”

Teacher: “Really? Show me.”

(I showed her the emails and the dates on all the computer documents. I got an ‘A’ for all my work, while the others all failed. I didn’t want to get them failed, but the teacher was very strict about students who did no work.)

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