Grounded In Lies

| Working | December 4, 2015

(I’m returning from a scholarship-sponsored trip to the States, and it is my first time flying alone. I bought the round trip tickets two months ago. I am doing a connection to go back to my city Guadalajara, and I am already pretty exhausted since I really hate flying and had to go through customs. My next flight is in four hours, and they page me at the gate. I’m 22.)

Flight Attendant: “We are afraid to tell you that your flight will be late, and that there is a very high chance that the flight will be cancelled.”

(I’m shocked, but I let him continue.)

Flight Attendant: “We do have a solution, however – there is a flight in an hour, that goes to Mexico City, and from there you can board another plane to your original destination. It will be free of charge, and we will provide you with two free round tickets to any place in the country. However, the flight to Guadalajara will be tomorrow morning.”

(The idea of going to a city I’ve never been to and spending the night in the airport makes me really anxious, and I have a bad hunch about the situation, so I decline his offer,)

Flight Attendant: “Are you SURE? The flight might be cancelled! What will you do THEN?”

Me: “Well, then, even if it’s cancelled, I’ll take another plane. I just don’t feel comfortable taking that offer, but thanks.”

(The flight attendant stares at me, but thanks me so I leave. I sit down right in front of a teleprompter with all the information of the upcoming flights up to three hours, and after an hour the information of the flight I’m taking comes up. It says that it will be on time, so I text my mother since I told her the situation since she was going to pick me up.)

Mom: “So the teleprompter says that your flight is on time?”

Me: “Yes. It doesn’t even say delayed, so I don’t know why the flight attendant told me that it was going to be cancelled!”

(Just as I sent that text I am paged again, so I go to talk with the flight attendant.)

Me: “You said that the flight was delayed, and there was a big chance it was going to be cancelled, but the teleprompter over there says that it’s on time.”

Flight Attendant: *eyes go wide and ignores what I said* “We have an offer for you. The flight has been oversold, and we need three people to give up their seats; in exchange of you giving up your seat, we will give you two round trips tickets to any place in the country! It’s a great opportunity—”

Me: “No, thank you.”

(I leave pretty upset that he lied to me at the beginning, but I let it go, and notify my mom about the situation. About half hour later, I am paged again.)

Flight Attendant: “Look, we really need three people to give up their seats. If you don’t want the tickets you can give it to anybody else, but it would be really good if you helped us out.”

(I am pretty furious at this point, especially since they have only paged me and no one else for the past hours.)

Me: “Look, I booked this flight more than a month ago, and I picked this date for a reason. I already said no, and you lied to me before. I am staying in this flight.”

Flight Attendant: *with a low, sad voice* “Pretty please? You would do me a great favor…”

Me: “I’m sorry, but it isn’t my fault that you oversold the flight! I bought the tickets for a round trip a month ago, and I am tired from my previous flight and just want to get home. I don’t want to spend the night in an airport!”

Flight Attendant: “So, that’s a no…?”

Me: “NO!”

Flight Attendant: “…I understand. Our apologies.”

(I left, and they finally stopped paging me, but continued to ask for people to give up their seats. About half hour before the plane took off, I saw a family of three take on that offer. I arrived on time to my destination and told my mom that if he hadn’t outright lied to my face, I would have probably taken the offer!)

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