Groomed For Disappointment

Right | March 10, 2017

(I work in a pet store with a groomer attached. The groomer has finished for the day, and her final 1:30 appointment never came in. It’s now 2:00, and she’s feeling sick, so she leaves. About five minutes later, this happens.)

Customer: “Hi, I’m here for a nail trim.”

Me: *thinking she’s a walk-in* “Oh, I’m sorry. Our groomer isn’t here.”

Customer: “What? But I have an appointment!”

Me: *grabbing the groomers schedule* “Oh, my goodness. I’m so sorry. What time was your appointment?”

Customer: “1:30. 2:00. I don’t know.”

Me: “Could I get your name?”

Customer: “[Customer].”

Me: “Well, ma’am, your appointment was at 1:30.”

Customer: *blank stare*

Me: “And it’s after 2:00 now.”

Customer: *blank, slightly angry stare*

Me: “And our groomer is sick, so she waited a half hour in case you were running behind, and then she left.”

Customer: *very angry stare*

Me: “Would you like me to rebook you?”

Customer: “No. I’ll go to someone else! You could have called!” *storms out*

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