Greenlit This Kid For The Future

, , , , | Right | September 8, 2020

I work at a big department store and I am walking by our toy department when I witness a boy, around eleven or thirteen, throw a soft rubber ball at the woman watching him.

Woman: *To me* “Did you see that?”

Me: *Doubling back to the aisle* “I did.”

Woman: “Do you see how I’m treated?”

Me: *Chuckling a little* “That’s not cool, dude.”

Boy: “But I was excited! I was expressing my excitement.”

Woman: “By throwing a ball at me?”

Boy: “It’s green, and I was happy there was a green option. It’s my favorite color.”

Me: “If it’s your favorite color, why would you want to throw it away from you?”

Boy: “I was sharing my excitement.”

Woman: “Okay, right. Well, we have to go meet your mother. Let’s go.”

The woman takes the ball and sets it down in a bin of puzzles immediately in front of her.

Boy: “Seriously? Seriously.”

Woman: “Yeah, let’s go.”

Boy: “Can I just show you something?”

Woman: “No.”

Boy: “Just watch.”

He picks up the ball and counts his steps back down the aisle.

Boy: “One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Five steps.”

He puts the ball back in its place.

Boy: “It’s not that hard.”

Woman: “Your parents raised you well. Now let’s go.”

Laughing, I gave the boy a fist-bump and wished them both a great night.

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