Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts (Manager)

| Working | October 25, 2013

(I work for a data-mining company who polls data for vehicles. I contact a company spokesperson who we are having issues polling data for.)

Me: “Hello [Spokesperson], I’m calling from [Company] because we are having issues updating our information.”

Spokesperson: “What’s going on now?”

Me: “Well, we haven’t received anything, and it’s because of this—”

Spokesperson: “Look, this is ridiculous. Why can’t you guys do your job correctly?”

Me: “Sir, we are doing our jobs; unfortunately—”

Spokesperson: “Look, if you have a damaged car you needed to be fixed, you take it to the service manager to get it fixed. If the service manager hasn’t had it worked on, that’s the service manager’s fault.”

Me: “I agree; however, if your parts manager isn’t ordering parts for your service manager to do his job, how can you blame the service manager?”

(The company spokesperson pauses for a few moments.)

Spokesperson: “Well, d***, I didn’t think of that way. Let me help you.”

Me: “Great, here is what we should do…”

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