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Great Scott, Chewie!

| Working | April 7, 2015

(I’m getting my haircut by Barber #1. Barber #2 is nearby drinking tea as there are no other customers in the shop. Barber #1 and I are talking about the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy, especially as it is now 2015, the year that Marty and Doc visit in ‘Back to the Future Part II.’)

Me: “Shame, we won’t have our hoverboards this year.”

Barber #1: “I know! But…”

Barber #2: “Is that really hairy guy still in it?”

(Blank looks.)

Barber #2: “You know; the one with hair everywhere?”

Me: “Do you mean Doc? Yeah, he’s been in all of them.”

Barber #2: “No, the really hairy one. You know…” *makes Wookie noise*

Me: “Um, Chewbacca? I think he’s going to be in the new Star Wars film this year.”

Barber #1: “But we weren’t talking about them. We were talking about Back to the Future.”

Barber #2: “Were you? Oh, okay.”

Me: *to Barber #1* “I know Doc Brown’s hair is wild, but to confuse him with Chewbacca…”

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