Our Great Nation’s Education

, , , , | Right | June 13, 2017

(I am cashiering as a customer approaches and places his various items on the counter. I scan each and get to the total.)

Me: “Your total is going to be $17.76.”

Customer: “Thanks.” *pull out credit card with US flags on it*

Me: “Ha! How cool; your card has US flags on it with your total.”

Customer: “Excuse me? What’s that mean…? I do swipe here, right?”

Me: “Uhm, yes, you do. I was just saying it was kind of a coincidence that your card has flags on it with your total being 17.76.”

Customer: “I’m sorry, I’m not getting your reference.” *slides card and confirms amount… receipt prints*

Me: “It’s just a year in US history. A lot happened on it.”

Customer: “Right, I never took advanced classes like that.”

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