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Great-Grandmother Is On A Great Trip

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While our house was being built, my parents had the option to customize some areas. One thing they decided on was a sunken living room: to move from the dining room to the living room, you take a step down. My great-grandmother was vocally opposed to this, insisting it was just begging to trip someone. She passed away before the house was completed. 

The first family gathering that we hosted, my great-grandfather — her husband — tripped on that step and cut his head badly. My mother was beside herself, rueing the sunken living room she’d been warned against while she helped my great-grandfather. We all tried to reassure her that it was just an accident and that he would be okay. Then, my grandfather — their son — spoke up. “No accident. Mom was probably haunting the house, just waiting for a chance to push Dad so she’d be proven right.”

My great-father was indeed fine and lived several more years, and my grandfather’s comment made my mom laugh and forgive herself.

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