Granted, They Didn’t Know Who They Were Calling

, | Working | April 11, 2018

(I recently retired from a job with our county where my job duties included administering various government grants. The phone rings.)

Me: “Hello?”

Caller: *a young woman with a strong Indian accent* “Hello! I am calling from the Federal Government Grants Office. You have qualified today for an eight-thousand dollar government grant!”

(This is, of course, a variation on the Nigerian prince scam. In order to get the $8,000, you’ll be asked to provide financial details, including your bank information.)

Me: “Really? I didn’t apply for a grant.”

Caller: “Oh, no, ma’am, this is a perfectly free government grant you qualify for.”

Me: “How interesting! I used to be a grants administrator for the government. Can you tell me which agency—”

Caller: *click*

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