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Grandfathering In The Discount

, , , , | Right | September 26, 2019

(My father tells me a story of a time he worked for my maternal grandfather in his video rental store which also offers repair services for VHS players. This is back at a time where said players, as well as the tapes, are quite expensive. While my dad is working, a customer comes in to pick up his repaired player, but is outraged when my dad says the price is $30.)

Customer: “I’ll have you know I’m a good friend of Richard—” *my grandfather* “—and I’ll have you fired!”

(This is a dead giveaway, as nobody who actually knows my grandfather calls him Richard; he is known as “Rip.” My grandfather hears the commotion and steps out of the office.)

Grandfather: “What is going on?”

Customer: *angry* “This a**hole is trying to charge me $30 for my repair!”

Grandfather: *calmly* “Oh, well, that a**hole is my future son-in-law. I’ll tell you what; he says $30, I say $50.”

(The customer angrily left the store without paying — or collecting his repaired VHS player — and vowed never to return. My grandfather ended up selling it as used, as according to store policy. The irony is by refusing to pay, the customer would have had to pay hundreds for a new player!)

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