Grand Theft Skyrim

| Romantic | August 5, 2013

(I am recovering from surgery and have taken to playing games since I can’t get off the couch. Pain medication has also made me a bit loopy. My fiancé texts me to check on me.)

Fiancé: “How are you, babe?”

Me: “Fine, but having a hard time with this game.”

Fiancé: “What game and what has you stuck?”

Me: *whiny voice* “I’m supposed to be the dragonborn, but I kill all these dragons and the b****** won’t do me! How am I supposed to f*** b****** and get money if they won’t put out? This game is so messed up if I can’t see some boobs!”

Fiancé: “Uhm… just kill more dragons babe. I’ll be home in an hour.”

(I wasn’t allowed to play that game after that.)

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