Graffiti Has Nothing On Grammar

, , , | Learning | June 2, 2013

(I am waiting for the bus outside my school and notice a piece of paper sellotaped to a wall. There is graffiti on the wall, too, and I start reading.)

Graffiti #1: “Rovers [the local school’s team name] are s***t”

Graffiti #2: “no there not you’re mom was s*** last night :P”

Paper Someone Left: “Sorry to interrupt, but you do realise that you are using the wrong spelling, which could make your message hard to understand? First of all, add a capital letter to ‘No’ and a full stop at the end. Secondly, you should have used ‘they’re’ as in ‘they are’ instead of ‘there’, and ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’, which means ‘you are’. The first guy only missed a full stop, whereas you made many grammar mistakes. This is grammar you should have learned in primary school. Personally, I believe that the only s*** person, if any, is you. P.S. to the owner of this house: sorry about the graffiti those guys did. I would have written, too, if it wasn’t on someone’s wall.”

(Most of the students here are annoying brats, but at least now I know some are worth paying attention to!)

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