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Graduating From All This Nonsense

| Learning | November 30, 2015

(It’s the January before our class is about to graduate, and naturally everyone’s excited.)

Classmate: “Is the walk necessary to graduate?”

Teacher: “Pardon?”

Classmate: “I mean, do I need to walk on stage and physically get the diploma to graduate? Or can I just leave after finals and never look back?”

Classmate #2: “You’ve been waiting 12 years for this moment. Why wouldn’t you want to do it?”

(The rest of my class is laughing at her, and she loses her temper.)

Classmate: “No, I haven’t waited 12 years to get a piece of paper. I’ve waited 12 years for the government to accept that I’m educated enough to force me into the world. I’m just not that excited about spending $90 on a cap, gown, and corsage that we’ll only wear once, and look absolutely hideous.”

(She admitted to me later that her parents were forcing her to do the walk and pay for the stuff, and she was naturally pretty pissed about it.)

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