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Graduated Past The Parking Lot

| Related | January 31, 2017

(My brother drove down to my university for my graduation. He had to get up very early to make the drive so he is tired and a little grouchy when he finally gets here. This is the message he sent me when he arrived.)

Brother: “Your school is a nightmare that doesn’t have enough signs or instructions. Why are there so many entrances? Why are there no signs beyond one arrow saying ‘parking this way’? And then it’s like ‘f*** you, good luck finding your way.’ It’s a good representation of life actually: college is the one sign pointing what to do in life but then the rest of life is like ‘You can go eat a d***.’ Anyway, found parking and will be waiting to see you! Congrats, [My Name]!”

(It made me laugh when I had been stressing out over getting organized. Who knew he got philosophical when sleep-deprived?)

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