Gradual De-Growling

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(I live in a noisy area and today has been a bit extra loud. I recently got a new dog, and we are still working on the whole “no barking or growling” thing.)

Me: *sitting quietly at the table*

Dog: *sudden loud growl*

Me: *looks at the dog* “What?”

Dog: *growls, then looks at me*

Me: “Do you hear something?”

Dog: *looks down and growls*

Me: *hears a very faint noise from outside* “Well, they aren’t banging on the door, now, are they?”

Dog: *looks back at me, growls quietly*

Me: “If they aren’t banging on the door, we don’t need to growl at them, then, do we?”

Dog: *looks away, growls even more quietly* 

Me: “Remember that other people are allowed to live outside?”

Dog: *looks at me and gives the tiniest of growls*

Me: *raises eyebrows at the dog* “Well?”

Dog: *sighs*

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