Graded ‘E’ For Effort

, | Learning | September 2, 2016

(I have been volunteering for Vacation Bible School, which has a sea theme, at my church. I am working crafts on this particular day, explaining how to assemble a Styrofoam fish that appears to be in a fishing hook. Later, after the craft is over and we’re cleaning up, my friend tells me about this gem.)

Kindergartener: “Can you help me?”

Friend: “Sure, what do you need help with?”

Kindergartener: “I named my fish Fishy. Can you write Fishy on him for me?”

Friend: “Sure.” *writes Fishy on the child’s craft* “Here you go!”

(The child takes the fish and looks at my friend’s writing for a moment and then looks back up at her in confusion.)

Kindergartener: “You missed something.”

(The child took the pen from my friend and wrote a sloppy E over the Y in Fishy, so that it looked like this: Fish E. My friend had to excuse herself because she was laughing so hard.)

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