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Graded Ace-Plus

| Learning | April 26, 2017

(I’m taking a Gender Studies class at university. Our major project is to write a thesis introduction on an issue to do with gender, sexuality, or a similar topic. I’m looking at asexual discrimination, as I’m ace (asexual). During the semester, we also have to deliver an oral presentation on our idea, while our classmates provide feedback and ideas. Most of the people there provide helpful tips and criticisms; Student, however, just likes to ask stupid and insensitive questions.)

Me: *finishing presentation* “So that is my plan for my thesis introduction on asexual discrimination. Does anyone have questions or comments?”

Student: “Yeah, if you’re asexual, do you masturbate?”

Me: “I’ll answer your question if you answer mine: how often do you have sex with your partner?”

Student: “Hey! That’s private! What makes you think that you can just ask something like that?”

Me: “That’s pretty much what you were asking me.”

(The teacher gave me bonus points, as one of the forms of discrimination I talked about was others asking aces inappropriate questions, and Student proved my point.)

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