Grade ‘A’ For Chutzpah

| Learning | July 22, 2017

(The semester is just over, and I have assigned final grades for the course I teach. One of the students, despite missing about 30% of the classes, manages to pull a C-. The day the grades are submitted, I get an e-mail from this Student:)

Student: “Hi, Professor [My Name]. I see that you gave me a C-. I know I missed a lot of classes this semester, and I was late with the paper, but this is a General Education class, and I really need an A in it. I need to bring up my GPA. I want to switch my major to [major], but they don’t take any students with less than 2.5 GPA, so I really, really, need an A in your class. Thank you in advance. [Student].”

My Reply: “Dear [Student], in this class, you get what you earned, which is a C-. I hope you can bring your GPA up next semester. Best of luck to you.”

(You’ve got to admire the chutzpah, though.)

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