GPS Required For Parental Guidance

| Related | December 7, 2015

(I am on the phone with my mother and sister, discussing my friends’ and my plans to get together over the weekend. My friends and I have known each other for decades, but one lives 2/3 of the way across the country and is flying in for a visit.)

Mom: “So, are you picking up [Friend #1] at the airport?”

Me: “No, turned out she doesn’t know how to get to where her mother moved to, so it’s just easier if [Her Mom] picks her up.”

Sister: *to Mom* “You and Dad better not move and not tell us where!”

Mom: “Didn’t [Friend #2]’s parents do that when you guys were in college?”

Me: “Yep. They’ve done it again, actually. That’s why [Friend #3] is the only one staying down here Friday night.”

Mom: “Really? Where’d they move to?”

Me: “…We don’t know. That’s the point.”

Mom: “Oh…”

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