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GPS: Great Practitioners Of Stupidity, Part 5

, , , | Working | March 25, 2018

(Once a year, representatives come to speak with the head of our company about ad renewals in an attempt to get him to purchase a larger ad package. Most of them have worked with our company long enough to know to use the front door — the front door sticks and you have to pull hard at it — because the side door is for any clients who need to use the ramp. We have a new representative call one day and request a meeting, which I set up. The day of the meeting, he is running late and calls to explain that he’s had complications, but he is on the way. I confirm with him that our address is [address] and we’re on the left side of the street. Over an hour later, he calls back to say he’s at the office.)

Rep: “I’m here, but do I use the front door or the side door?”

Me: “The front door. Just to warn you, it does stick, so be sure to give it a hard tug.”

Rep: “The one with the mailbox?”

Me: *assuming he means the hanging mailbox beside the door* “Yes, that’s the one.”

Rep: “Okay, because I knocked three times and no one answered.”

(I would have heard him knock, since my desk is in the office right near the front door. I stand up to look out the window and see the new representative across the street, knocking on the closed office of 210, which has the address number posted right above the door. I have a good laugh, then open the door to call out to him and point to the large numbers on our wall that mark us as 209.)

Rep: *crossing the street* “I wondered why my GPS said the office was on the right side of the street.”

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