Gotta Love Helicopter Managers

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I am only a month into a new job in a small but high-pressure company. My boss is proving to be someone who not only can’t maintain a professional appearance under stress but bullies me to get a little sense of power satisfaction. I’m tired of it and am joyful when my cubicle is moved to the other end of the building.

We communicate by chat and most of my work is independent, and I send files, emails, and updates to my boss for review. However, any time I make even a tiny, easy-to-remedy mistake, the following happens.

Me: “I sent that email with the design and production notes to you. Please let me know if they are approved so I can move onto the next set.”

Boss: “Why did you send me this like this?”

Me: “What do you mean?”

My boss goes idle.

Five minutes later, she appears at my cubicle, adopting a frustrated and patronizing tone of voice. It would have taken her nearly five minutes to walk all the way to my station.

Boss: “Open the email you just sent me.”

I do.

Boss: “Open the files.”

I do that.

Boss: “See anything wrong?”

I scan all eleven files.

Me: “Oh, it looks like this one image got cropped a bit somehow when exporting to PDF.”

Boss: “Exactly. I can’t believe you sent me this like this. Did you even look at them before you sent them? You have to, have to, have to double-check everything. I can’t send this to my boss like this. It’s a mess! What happened?!”

Me: “Uh… it just looks like something glitched in exporting. I’ll re-export that page and—”

Boss: “You can’t keep making these mistakes. You have to double-check everything!”

Me: “Right. So I’ll just—”

Boss: “Please redo it and send me a new email so I can finally send this off. This is taking way too long.”

Me: *Deep breath* “Sure.”

It took me literally thirty seconds to re-export that page, check it for errors, and resend the email. 

The whole ordeal lasted about ten minutes and it happens too often. She could have just said, “There’s an error on page eight; please resend,” and it would have taken one minute. How are these people even allowed to be managers?!

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