Gotta Have Balls To Work Here

| Working | January 19, 2016

(I’m fixing an extremely difficult article that I have co-written with a coworker, and currently plan to add a graph to it with two graphic artists. In Finland there is a saying ‘to throw the ball to someone’ which means that I’ve done what I can, and now it’s the other person’s turn to take action. There also is a saying ‘He’s lost the ball,’ when someone doesn’t understand something or doesn’t know what to do.)

Graphic Artist #1: “Now, what do these numbers stand for?”

Me: “I don’t know. They’re from [Coworker].”

Graphic Artist #2: “And how big is this graph supposed to be?”

Me: “I don’t know that either. I just have to throw the ball to the layout editor.”

Graphic Artist #1: “Well, throw the ball to her!”

(All three of us start looking for something that resembles a ball and end up making one of old wool socks found in a drawer.)

Graphic Artists #1 & #2: “Throw it! Throw it!”

(I throw the thing at her. She comes over.)

Layout Editor: “What are you doing?”

Me: “We were completely lost, so we decided to throw the ball to you.”

Layout Editor: “I don’t know. We need the news editor here.”

Graphic Artists #1 & #2: “Throw the ball to him!”

(I miss by a mile and the socks vanish somewhere under the desk.)

Me: “Well, now I’ve lost the ball.”

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