Gotta Get Them Young

, , , , | Right | April 27, 2020

Our thrift store exists only to raise money for the local animal shelter, so we get donated animal supplies pretty regularly. A woman, her young teen daughter, and her even younger son come in and start to browse.

Teen Daughter: “Excuse me, do you happen to have any cat trees?”

Me: “Oh, sorry, we sold our last one this morning. But we get them donated pretty often. If you like, we can take your name and number and call you when one comes in.”

She gives me the information and wanders away. The youngest boy comes up.

Young Boy: “My sister says that if we keep asking, we’d be, um, ‘harassing’ you.”

Me: *A little startled* “Um, well, yes. If we say we don’t have any cat trees, and you keep asking over and over even though we already said no, that would be harassing us.”

Young Boy: *Thinks it over* “Oh. Okay. I understand now.”

The young boy scampers off again.

Coworker: “What the…?”

Me: “I hope and I pray that I just made one less bad customer for the future.” 

And also maybe one less inappropriate guy for the dating scene, when he gets older!

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