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Got Wind That Something Was Wrong

, , , | Working | October 30, 2019

(It is just after a massive storm in the UK. Trees are down, no one can cope, Americans are laughing at us, etc. My dad is driving me to work because I don’t drive and the buses aren’t running. We get halfway there and have to turn around because of a tree on the road. I give my manager a call to tell her that I’ll be late because we’ll be finding another route.)

Manager: “That’s fine! I’m just on my way myself. Just get here when you can.”

Me: “Okay, thanks. I probably won’t be that late, but, you know.”

Manager: “It’s fine…” *there’s a long pause* “Actually, don’t worry about coming in.”

Me: “Are you sure? I really don’t mind—”

Manager: “Really, don’t bother. We don’t have a marquee.”

(Turned out, the marquee we used as our gift shop, which held our tills and about ten picnic tables, blew away in the storm.)

Me: “What?”

Manager: “We don’t have a marquee. Don’t worry about coming in today. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

(I came in the next day to find a new marquee up. I started hearing stories from people who had made it in on time the day before or had later start times about finding and dragging the entire marquee across the main field — we were an open farm sort of place with tractor rides, animal petting, etc. — only to find massive rips in it. Unsurprisingly, we were not open that day.)

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