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Got To The Meat Of The Issue

, , , , | Right | April 22, 2022

I’ve had a particularly bad day at work. With five hours still left to go, I decide to treat myself and use a delivery app to order some food from a popular chain. I order two $1 cheeseburgers and select “no mustard” and “no ketchup” since I feel they use too much, and I have some packets if I end up wanting it.

I place my order and wait impatiently. It takes a while since it’s busy hours for the app, but about forty-five minutes later, I finally get my food. I take a seat and take out my first burger and something feels… off. It feels really light.

I unwrap it and find… no burger, just buns with mustard, onions, and pickles. Angry, I throw it back in the bag and open the app, prepared to go full “Can I talk to your manager?” on whoever made such an idiotic mistake. As I’m combing through the app looking for the “Help” button, I realize who, exactly, made the idiotic mistake.

It was me.

When trying to hit “no mustard” after “no ketchup,” it turns out I hit the “NO MEAT” option just below it and didn’t notice. I call the restaurant, unsure whether to laugh or cry, and ask if there is anything that can be done. I can hear the lady trying not to laugh as she says that since there was no mistake on their part and the food was made how I ordered it, there is nothing they can do.

At least I have my fries.

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