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Got There The Long(ship) Way Round

| Friendly | February 24, 2015

(Several years ago, the Scandinavian Community Centre built a replica Viking longship. My husband and I are volunteering in the boat shed while the ship is being built, along with several others. We need to ask a question, but aren’t sure who to ask.)

Me: “…Do you know who would know?”

Fellow Volunteer: “Oh, sure, [Name] would know. He’s just over there.”

Me: “Um, which one is he?”

Fellow Volunteer: “He’s the Norwegian guy.”

Me: “They’re all Norwegian.”

Fellow Volunteer: “He’s the one with the grey hair.”

Me: “They all have grey hair.”

Fellow Volunteer: “Well, he’s the one with the glasses.”

Me: Uh… They all have glasses.”

Fellow Volunteer: “He’s the one in the project t-shirt!”

Me: “We’re all wearing the project t-shirt.”

Fellow Volunteer: *stops for a moment and looks at the group* “Okay… he’s the guy with the beard, beside the one with the camera.”

Me: “Awesome, thanks!”

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