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Got Them Wrapped Around Your Finger

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I’ve got tendonitis in my right index finger, and due to the pain, my physiotherapist prescribes two weeks of complete rest with my hand and wrist in a cast. The cast goes from the tips of my fingers to halfway down my arm. I’m unable to drive to work, so I’m taking the bus.

Driver: “Oh, honey, what happened to your hand?”

Me: “I fought a guy.”

Driver: “Oh, dear, he’s hurt you quite badly.”

Me: “You haven’t seen him.

The next day, another driver asks me the same thing. This time my answer is, “Bear fight.”

The third day, I tell yet another driver that I got thrown out of a hot air balloon. I keep making up ever more incredible stories about how I got hurt.

After two weeks, we visit my dad and stepmom. My stepmom is a bus driver.

Stepmom: “Wait, you have a pink cast?”

Me: “As you can see.”

Stepmom: “Are you the young woman who makes up all these stories about how she got hurt?”

Me: “I might be… Why?”

It turns out that the drivers started telling each other the stories I told them in their Whatsapp chats. They loved the ever-increasingly strange things I kept coming up with.

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