Got Their Head Set Straight

, | Right | July 31, 2017

(I work the graveyard shift in a large, customer service call center for a national bank. For last break, several of us try to take break at the same time. I am on a particularly frustrating call while my coworkers tap their feet waiting for me. I explain for the umpteenth time what the customer has to do to solve their problem and hurry up to end the long frustrating phone call. We go to break but another worker has a doozy of a story so I do not get to tell mine until we are walking back in. I am complaining about the woman while I picked up my headset.)

Customer On The Headset: “Do you always talk about your customers that way?”

Me: “Oh, dear Lord. Hello? I am so, so, so, sorry! You heard that? See, it has been a bad night and we were on break. I was not on the clock—” *babbling a mile a minute panicked*

Customer: *starts laughing* “It’s fine! I worked in retail so I understand. You didn’t say any personal info so no harm done. You guys must have really good headsets. I heard you all the way back in. Don’t worry, I won’t say anything, I understand the need to vent. But turn your equipment off next time!”

Me: “I cannot thank you enough! Now if you would be so patient as to let me log into my computer, I will be more than happy to help with whatever you need. You need a kidney tonight? You got one!”

(We both laughed. Lady just needed to see if a deposit posted at midnight. Thank you for making my night! I could have been fired!)

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