Got The Morning Boost You Needed

, , | Hopeless | July 20, 2016

(I am a student doing a practicum placement as part of my training. I have been sent out of town, since this is a good placement that would not be available closer to home. Between moving to my short-term accommodations and starting at a new hospital, I haven’t been sleeping well. This morning, I arrive 15 minutes early and decide to get a coffee before my shift starts. However, the hospital cafe has a long line and, after waiting as long as I can, I decide I have to go without.)

Me: *looking at the clock, muttering to myself* “Oh, well. Not today.”

(I head to the nearby elevator to head up to my unit. Keep in mind, I am wearing my training program shirt and a name tag.)

Elderly Man: *at the back of the enormous line* “Miss? Excuse me, miss? What would you like? I know you have to go, but you do good work here. I can bring your coffee up to you in a minute.”

Me: “Oh, thank you, but I’m all right. It’s just coffee.”

Elderly Man: “Are you sure? You looked pretty disappointed. You folks are great here and I don’t mind.”

(The elevator came at that point, so I thanked him again and headed up. I didn’t need any coffee that morning thanks to the boost of happiness that gentleman offered me!)

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