Got The Avengers Nailed

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(I’m sitting at our computer desk with ten bottles of nail polish in various colors and some artificial nails. I’m using a size 0 paintbrush to decorate the nails.)

Sister: “What are you doing?”

Me: “Making these nails look awesome.”

(My sister picks up one of the nails I’ve finished.)

Sister: “Hey, this is Captain America’s shield!”

Me: “Yep, and this one is going to have the Avengers’ emblem on it.”

Sister: *noticing the other nails* “Mjolnir, the Tesseract, and this one looks like the pattern on a black widow’s back!”

Me: “I’ll be doing Hulk’s fist and Ironman’s mask next. Then I’ll have to look up references for Black Panther and Hawkeye’s emblems and decide which of the other Avengers to put on the final nail.”

Sister: “You’ve got to paint me a set of these too!”

Dad: *shaking his head* “You two are such geeks.”

Me: “Admit it. If you were a woman, you’d wear them, too.”

Dad: *opens his mouth to reply, but then stops*

Me: “I’ll take that as a yes.”

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