Got Hooked Up With A Bad Crew

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My husband works for a company that clears trees from the utility lines for different power companies. After a pretty devastating fire in our area, the company decided to bring up a few crews from a different location to help with the cleanup. All of the employees were put up in a local hotel, with food and lodging expenses paid for by the company.

This story involves four guys, all of whom are married. [Guy #1] and [Guy #2] decided to hire some prostitutes and bring them back to the hotel. [Guy #3] took a picture of [Guy #1] engaging with the prostitute and threatened to send the picture to [Guy #1]’s wife unless he shared the prostitute. A big brawl ensued between all three guys, and a fourth who decided to get involved.

The company found out about this when the four employees failed to show up to work the next day. When their supervisor went to the hotel, he found all four of them bruised and battered, and the hotel room utterly destroyed.  

One guy was fired. Another quit, after pressure from his wife, and the other two received some sort of disciplinary action.

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