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Got That Complaint In The Can

, , , | Right | May 19, 2018

(I work maintenance in a supermarket. One of my responsibilities is taking care of any issues that the bottle return machines cause. The bell rings for me to go to the machines. Once out there:)

Me: “Sorry for the wait.”

Customer: “The plastic machine never printed out the ticket.”

Me: “Please let me see the tickets you have so far.”

(I take a look and see if anything matches up. As usual, his ticket matches perfectly to the last displayed amount, which is $0.70. After explaining this to the customer:)

Customer: “Oh, that’s from the can machine.”

Me: “I highly doubt that you had the same exact of cans that you did for the plastic machine, but let me see what I can do. If anything, you can go to customer service and see what they can do.”

Customer: “Now I’m getting cheated out of money!”

(After a little more searching about at the machines I find the serial number that most likely matched what’s on the ticket.)

Me: “Can I see the ticket one more time, please?”

Customer: “Here!”

(Taking another look, the numbers do match up. Having proof of what I suspected from the start, but not wanting to call him a thief or a liar, I hand him back the ticket.)

Me: “Taking another look I notice that the bar code for the plastic machine matches the ticket. It’s impossible that the ticket came from either of the can machines. Sorry for the confusion.”

(The customer didn’t really apologize, being caught in his lie. Luckily, I got to the people at customer service, the manager, and the other maintenance guy before the customer came in to let them know what happened so he couldn’t try to rip the store off. It was only a small amount of money, but if he tried it this time, he probably tried and succeeded in the past, as well, for other, possibly larger amounts. The best part was that the machine went down five times on him, but didn’t give anyone else any problems. I don’t know why the machine gave him trouble, but I’m guessing he tried something or other to try and cheat the counter of the machine.)

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