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Got A Latte Problems

| Working | July 1, 2015

(My girlfriend and I go for some coffee and donuts. I order a vanilla latte and a donut. The staff is new, but they are working hard. Having worked in food service myself I’m very lenient when mistakes are made as long as the person who makes the mistake is willing to fix it with a good attitude. When I get my latte, I take a sip and it tastes awful. I open up the lid and discovered that whoever made it burnt the milk so severely the top layer of my drink was black. This is the exchange that happened at the counter.)

Me: “Excuse me, there’s a problem with my drink. It seems that it has been burnt.” *shows employee the drink* “Would it be possible to have it remade? Sorry for the trouble.”

Employee #1: “Oh, dear, I’m really sorry. Just give me a minute to remake it!”

Me: “No problem. Thanks so much!”

(A second employee walks up and begins talking.)

Employee #2: “Those are clearly chocolate sprinkles. We put sprinkles in our coffee drinks. It’s always going to look like that.”

Me: “First, I’ve gotten vanilla lattes in lots of places and I’ve never had sprinkles on them. Second, clearly that is burnt milk on top! Look at it! Third, it tastes awful. That’s why I want it remade.”

Employee #2: “Oh.”

(They remake my drink and I thanked Employee #1 since she was polite and I felt sorry that she was stuck with Employee #2. The real kicker? My drink tasted even worse the second time, so I opened it up and there was a huge glob of vanilla syrup right in the middle. Employee #2 didn’t even stir it up! I ended up throwing away the drink and never going back!)

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