Got A Handle On This Management Thing

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(I am an IT technician. We have recently appointed a new operations manager, to whom I report directly. We also have a young man of school age in with us to get a bit of summer work experience. I have been asked to move several computers to temporarily accommodate some staff whose office is being renovated. I go with our student to collect the computers. When we arrive at the destination office, I ask the student to connect everything up while I supervise, so he can get a bit of experience. He’s working away — doing a very good job I might add — when our boss, the operations manager, walks in. We get on very well, and spend a lot of time joking around and teasing each other.)

Operations Manager: *to me* “Ah, here you are [My Name]! When you’ve finished, could you go and see [Person in another office]?”

Me: “Of course, [Operations Manager]!”

(The operations manager looks over at our student, who has finished connecting everything up and is about to switch on the computer.)

Operations Manager: *to me* “Hey, why are you making him do all the work while you just stand around?”

Me: “Because I’m training to be an IT manager!”

(The two other people in the office chuckle. My manager doesn’t say anything, just shoots me a dirty look and walks off. As he leaves, the office manager turns to me.)

Office Manager: “That was a good answer, [My Name]!”

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