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Got A Good Hold On Your Friendship

| Friendly | December 10, 2015

(It is the last day of a summer program my friend (a male) and I (a female) attend. The program traditionally ends with a performance from the chorus with two songs. Other people in my friend’s and my circle of friends have gotten romantically involved with each other throughout the summer, leaving us (not attracted in any way to each other) to dub ourselves “spare tires” among our friends. This conversation between this friend and I happens as the first of the two ending songs is about to begin.)

Me: “Well, here comes the sad part of the performance where we all start to die on the inside.”

Friend: “Oh, crap it’s that time already?!” *checks playbill* “Oh, d***, it is!”

Me: “AHHHH! Hold me, [Friend]!” *grabs friend’s arm*

Friend: “Ahh!”

(I then start to realize what I just did.)

Me: *blushes a little and lets go of friend’s arms* “Well, that was awkward.”

Friend: “It was.”

Me: *grabs his hands* “Platonic friend holding!”

Friend: *grabs my hands* “Okay!”

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