Got A Good Bearing On Their Education

| Elmhurst, IL, USA | Learning | October 11, 2014

(My mother has asked me to teach a lesson about animal diversity to the kids in her church group. I prepared for the 7-12s but was unexpectedly saddled with a group of 3-6s for one session. I’m a high school teacher, so I have very little idea what to do with the tiny ones. I try to assess where they are by way of understanding.)

Me: “Does anyone know what it means when an animal is related to another animal?”

Student #1: “Pandas… are related… to bamboo!”

(That’s arguably correct, so I try to use it as a jumping-off point.)

Me: “Well, pandas are a kind of bear. What other kinds of bears are there?”

Student #2: “Polar bears!”

Student #3: “Brown bears!”

Student #4: “Princess bears!”

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