Got A Bad Gut Feeling About This

| Working | May 26, 2014

(I am seven years old and have been suffering from stomach pains for a week or so. I had stopped eating a couple of days before but my mum has giving me milkshakes and other liquid things to keep me sustained. After I stop drinking, we go to our local 24-hour doctor to see what is going on. They gave me a couple of scans and send us to the main hospital in the county.)

Doctor: “So, what seems to be the issue?”

Mum: “She’s been suffering from stomach pains, hasn’t been eating properly, and a couple of hours ago started refusing drinks. Her stomach is distended, too.”

Doctor: *without even looking at me* “Okay, she clearly has tonsillitis. She doesn’t need to be here. I don’t know why [24-hour doctor] sent you here or why they wasted time giving you any scans.”

Mum: “She’s seven-years old and regularly suffers from tonsillitis. I think she’d know if it was her throat hurting, and I’ve never seen her tonsils cause her stomach to swell up. Can I speak to somebody in charge of the ward, please?”

Doctor: *grumbles* “Okay, fine.” *storms off*

(When the head of the ward came over, he took one look at my stomach, gave it a couple of prods to find out where the pain was and, after a couple more scans, discovered I had acute appendicitis and severe peritonitis from where my appendix had burst and started poisoning me by turning septic. I was in surgery first thing the next morning, and the original doctor who saw me was under supervision for the entire week I was in hospital.)

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