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Gossip Of The Travelling Pants

| Related | August 13, 2012

(My father is in the Air Force, so would often be deployed to faraway places for months at a time, leaving my mother home alone with the kids. Since we live on the military base, we are friends with other military families. My mother is a seamstress, so will sometimes mend clothes for my dad’s co-workers. My dad’s friend (who is also married), as a sign of gratitude, sent some flowers to my mother to thank her for hemming his pants. My father is not home at this time. When the delivery man arrives that morning, my mother is currently still in her nightgown, finishing the pants, so asks my five-year-old sister to answer the door.)

Delivery man: *holding flowers* “Hi there! Is your mommy home?”

Sister: “My mommy is upstairs in her nightie, fixing pants for a man who is not my daddy!”

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