Gossip Girls

, , , | Related | February 18, 2019

(My sister and her friend are big gossips. I have the misfortune of missing the bus and my sister is the only available driver on short notice.)

Sister: “So, how was your cousin’s wedding? “

Sister’s Friend: “It was nice. During the reception, the groom snuck up the bride’s poofy gown.”

Sister: “Someone decided to start the honeymoon early.”

Me: *trying to find my headphones*

Sister’s Friend: “Speaking of which, I heard you and [Sister’s Husband] are trying to conceive.”

Sister: “Yeah. We had trouble conceiving normally, so we’re trying other methods. Yesterday, he went to the sperm bank and we ended up having phone sex.”

(That’s just a small portion of a thirty-minute car ride that seemed much longer. I forgot my headphones. Lesson learned, wake up early…)

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