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Goody-Goody Bad-Bad

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When I was in school I was pretty much the most picked-on kid in school. I never broke a school rule, I did all my homework, and I was friends with some teachers. I hated getting in trouble due to uber-strict parents, so I always did as I was told. However, I always struggled to make friends, mainly due to being such a goody-goody, so when I made a few friends I didn’t want to upset them.

One day we were hanging out in the art room and my friends were sitting on the tables chilling, whilst another goody-goody and I sat in chairs and did some tidying for the teacher. After a while the others started getting a bit rowdy and began to stand on chairs and things. As they weren’t damaging anyone’s art work, and as we didn’t want to lose them as friends, we goody-goodies left them to it.

A teacher walked by, saw them being rowdy, and hauled all of us in front of the head teacher. We all got yelled at for breaking school rules — standing on the chairs — and then the rowdy group was let go. The other goody-goody and I were then told off for not either stopping our friends or coming to get a teacher to stop them.

That’s the day I lost faith in those teachers, as I’d previously told them of people copying off me in tests and breaking school rules, only to have been told to stop being so good and let kids be kids.

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