Goodbye Moto

, , , | Working | November 2, 2018

(A coworker’s cell phone is ringing with the annoying “Hello Moto” song, so loud that half of the floor can hear it. When the employee returns to her desk, the manager has a talk with her.)

Manager: “So, your phone was going off earlier, and it was doing…” *pause* “Hey, [Other Employee], what was it saying?”

Other Employee: “Oh, the hello moto?”

Manager: “Yeah.”

Employee: “Oh, my phone never goes off.”

Manager: “Well, it did… twice.”

Employee: “No one calls me.”

Manager: “Well, we’re in an office here, and we’re trying to talk to customers and everything. Do you think you could turn the ringer off?”

Employee: “It doesn’t turn off.”

Manager: “It doesn’t?”

Employee: “I don’t know how to.”

Manager: “Maybe you can turn the phone off, since we shouldn’t be taking calls during work.”

Employee: “No, I can’t do that.”

Manager: “When are you moving? Because maybe this is all a moot point, anyway.”

(The employee was being transferred to a different office in less than a month, so the manager just gave up.)

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