Good Tips Deserve A Good Tip

| Working | June 14, 2013

(I’m doing a pub crawl with my friends. We’ve stayed long enough at one particular bar, so we pay our bills and are on our way out. Before we make it to the door, the bartender stops us.)

Bartender: “Excuse me, which one of you left the tip line blank?”

My Friend: “That one’s me.”

Bartender: “You shouldn’t leave it blank. It’s not a good idea.”

My Friend: “I don’t think it’s any of your business whether I choose to tip or not!”

Bartender: “No, sir, that’s not what I mean. What I really mean is that if you don’t wish to tip, you should write zero in the tip line. If you leave it blank, some a**hole can write whatever amount he wants as a tip and steal money from your credit card. And it would be difficult to get your bank to reverse the charge, because you would’ve been drinking, which lowers your credibility. Now, I’m telling you this because I am NOT one of those a**holes, but I overheard you’ve been to several other bars in the city already, and that you plan on going to more bars tonight, so I want you to have a fun but safe night.”

My Friend: *sheepishly* “Uh, wow… I did not know that. Thanks!”

Bartender: “Just doing what I can to not let the scummy bartenders get away with what they want. They really are a disgrace to the profession.”

(My friend grabs his bill from the bartender, and decides to correct his mistake. He wrote down $20 for the honest bartender.)

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