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Good Things Just Miss Those Who Refuse To Wait

, , | Right | October 10, 2021

Long ago, I was working at a fast food restaurant. I was working the grill and had a short time during which I had made all my orders, so I went up front to get a drink. A lady came in from being parked waiting on an order from the drive-thru.

Lady: “How long is my order going to take?”

I looked up at the drive-thru screen and saw that three orders were parked.

Me: “Which order is yours?”

Then, I would be able to see if the order was up and being put together or if it was still being made, and I could get an estimate on how long it would be.

Lady: *Insultingly* “C’mon, kid, how many times do I need to go through this?”

I didn’t take her order, didn’t park her, and was not in the area. I had no way of knowing which order was hers unless I asked. I’m happy to find out the answer, but I need information.

It turned out that the drive-thru person was actually running the order out to the lady’s car while she was trying to tell me that I should just know which order was hers.

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