Good Thing They Caught Each Other, Part 24

| Romantic | May 16, 2016

(I have been dating a girl, and we really like each other. As my best friend has just gotten engaged, I have had some idle thoughts on the matter, which I am relaying to my best friend. My girlfriend, my best friend, and I are all avid Pokémon fans.)

Me: “So you know how my ‘spirit Pokémon’ is a Mew? Well, [Girlfriend]’s is a Growlithe. Which made me think one day, if ever it got to that point. If ever I do propose, I won’t be using a normal diamond ring or anything. I’ll use a Fire Opal in the ring. So it’s a Fire Stone.”

Friend: “Oh, my god! You’re hopeless!”

Me:  “Thank you.”


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