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Good Thing They Caught Each Other, Part 21

| Romantic | April 14, 2015

(My sister has come home from [College that is two hours away] for an afternoon doctor’s appointment. Hanging out with me beforehand, she suddenly remembers she needs to ask her boyfriend something. She calls him and puts it on speakerphone.)

Boyfriend: “Y’ello!”

Sister: *loud and firm* “[Boyfriend’s Full Name], did you make it to class today?”

Boyfriend: “Uh…”

Sister: “When did you get up?”

Boyfriend: “11:30. I needed me some sleep!”

Sister: “You stayed up all night playing Pokémon again, didn’t you?”

Boyfriend: “…No.”

Sister: “Then how are all your monsters suddenly level 24!? You are in big trouble, Mr. One-Point-Oh GPA.”


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