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Good Thing They Caught Each Other, Part 14

| Romantic | October 21, 2013

(I’m super excited because a TV show I like is starting a new season, and a new video game I’ve been waiting for comes out on the same day. Unfortunately, I find out I have to work the day both come out.)

Me: “I’m sad!”

Boyfriend: “Aw, talk to me.”

Me: “The new season of TMNT, and Pokémon X come out the same day! But I have to work! I won’t be able to get the game until Monday!”

(I don’t hear anything from him for a while, so I shrug it off and go back to my own thing. About 30 minutes later, I hear a ding and see I have a text from him.)

Boyfriend: “You need to play the tune of ‘Drive By’ by Train in your head for this.”

‘On the other side of a gym I knew,
Stood a girl who looked like you but,
I guess that’s deja vu,
I thought ‘This can’t be true’ cuz
You moved to West Kanto
Or Johto or Sinnoh or
Wherever to be the very best.

Oh but that one fight,
I used my Dragonite,
I didn’t beat you,
Cuz you had one too.

Oh I was overwhelmed,
And frankly scared as h***,
Because you had a dragon too.

Oh I swear to you,
I’ll be there for you,
Once I get my Fai-ai-ary type!

Just a sly guy
Looking for a Mawile
So I can beat your Dra-a-agonite!’

Me: “Holy crap!”

Boyfriend: “That. Just. Happened.”

Me: “Where did you find that?”

Boyfriend: “I just wrote it.”

Me: “…but, you don’t know anything about Pokémon, or are you secretly a poke-fan?”

Boyfriend: “Duh, I wrote it for you. I had to look up all that stuff, and that’s what took me a while.”

Me: *in awe* “This is how a guy gets out of the ‘friend-zone.'”

Boyfriend: “Aw yeah! My Beedrill is the Beedrill that pierces the ‘friend-zone.'”