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Good Thing The School Stuck To Its Guns

, , , | Learning | September 18, 2017

I am a teenager living in a very quiet town in southern Canada. Near the end of the semester, I was sitting in class when the PA system came on, which it rarely does. It announced that the school was now on lock-down, and nobody was allowed to leave their classrooms for any reason.

Every so often, we received vague updates of the situation, and were able to figure out that someone had been seen in the area carrying a gun. The lock-down didn’t last long, and was lifted before the bell for the next class rang, with no explanation given. For the rest of the day, everyone was chatting about it, wondering what happened.

It turned out that someone had been moving house, and instead of putting their hunting rifle in a gun safe (or even, you know, a BOX), he went through town with it in plain view, scaring a lot of people. Since our school is only a block away from the main road through town, which he was using, it triggered lock-down procedures.

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