Good Service For Those Who Serve

| Working | June 10, 2013

(This occurs roughly two weeks after the 9/11 attack, around the 23rd or so. My husband is in the National Guard and is on high alert. The phone company calls.)

Caller: “Hello Mrs. [name], this is [company] calling to inform you that your service will be disconnected at 5pm tonight for non-payment.”

Me: “What? I mailed it weeks ago! You can’t disconnect my phone, my husband—”

Caller: “I apologize, but we have not received your payment. We will have to terminate—”

Me: “No! I have proof… I have the money order receipt and the ticket from the post office, I always send bill payments registered.”

Caller: “Do you have those transaction numbers?”

(I go to find the receipts and realize why they have not gotten it: I had mailed in on Sept. 10th. I explain this to the lady.)

Caller: “I’m very sorry, but it was due the 13th and we have not gotten your—”

Me: “Listen, lady: there was NO MAIL for days after the 11th… and it’s been backed up ever since! I’m telling you I sent it in and you will get it in another day or two. Like I tried to tell you before, my husband is in the National Guard. His unit is on high alert right now and this phone is the only way they have to contact him if they get called up. If you cut off my phone and he gets called up and doesn’t get the message, YOU will be dealing with the United States government!”

Caller: “Oh… OH! Oh ma’am I am so sorry, I didn’t realize—no, of course we will not disconnect your service. I will make a note of that right now! I’m so sorry!”

(About two hours later, the same lady calls back to tell me they had gotten my money order in the mail that day.)

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